Over the Long haul technology has helped man with moving his real body and things faster and faster and to an ever growing number of spots he was not able to go previously. Presently Technology can assist man move his mind faster and to more areas similarly. This technology is Mind Technology. Psyche Technology is made from other inventions whereupon it depends upon and making this conceivable.  What was after done at typical rate in the traditional manner would now be in a position to be sped up to hyper velocities using technologies. It resembles having the choice to go at a supersonic fly once you once desired to walk.


A Couple of group think it is best to do things the attribute route than to rely on technology. Yet, would you will need to stroll starting with a single end of the Earth then on the next when you can fly in a supersonic flow? You would not consider doing that!

It is Feasible to stroll from 1 finish of the Earth into another however, since all land is connected with one another in the North Pole. The Earth is really 1 level property parcel folded over a circle rather than independent pieces throughout the planet. Yet, without technology, we cannot venture out to the most profound parts of the sea or even to the moon.

The second Technology is made, we had the opportunity to utilize it. We progress or relapse. We never stop. Headway of technologies is the effect of progression in data. Changing the way we get things done by adjusting technology is the attribute way of advancing our own lives.

Obviously, In light of the fact that we’ve got a supersonic fly, a car or even a mechanized wheelchair to use does not mean we do not prepare our capability to walk any longer. We actually use what is regular however we combine the utilization of technology also. So the most perfect lifestyle choice is to use both technology and nature. We should never let technology to overwhelm our regular capacities however we should use it to update them.

Technology is the normal result of man’s capacity to think. So technology is entirely of character. Technology and nature are one. The solitary comparison between what is unnatural and common is its utilization. Really, even things in nature can be used unnaturally.

Man has used the force of the mind to make technology. Therefore man can use the force of technologies to develop the psyche. Brain creates technology to make mind. At this age, humankind’s progress will accelerate considerably like never before previously.

A man was discovered to have for all intents and purposes no cerebrum by any means. His mind was greater than normal size however his head had contracted to short of what one millimeter of cerebral tissue covering the maximum stage of his spinal section. The understudy was undergoing hydrocephalus, the condition wherein the cerebrospinal liquid, as opposed to flowing round the cerebrum and entering the flow system, gets dammed up inside accordingly beating the brain. His mind was for all intents and purposes loaded up with liquid.