To become the business magnet they have to follow some business strategy to reach the position and hold the position of top 10. It is not an easy task in bringing the name NASDAQ: TSLA at to the highest position in the stock market. During the time of its initiative, the prices of electric vehicles are very expensive and many people can’t afford them. Their first plan is to produce a sports car at the minimum cost to attract customers by bringing down the cost of the batteries. So that the sales will get increased to gain their profit from counting. Tesla’s first vehicle is Roadster has a low volume of less than 2500 and it cost only 100000$. Even their trending models such as tesla X, S are also businesses in the same way to meet their expenses. The latest trending model of Y and 3 are priced low with a high volume of the market. They planned to sell 100000 vehicles in each quarter. They update their hardware and software to enhance their vehicle regularly thrice a year.

Marketing Strategy

They are not providing a separate advertisement to showcase their product. They provide an opportunity to learn the advancement in their vehicle in showrooms and malls situated in the traffic areas. They sell their products through online mode and the dealers. They are the first ones to sell their products directly to the customers. They have 80% of vertical integration with a high degree. They always indicate the customers for their license, insurance and battery charging in their service station. They provide five large battery stations in United States, Netherlands, China, Germany and Europe. The European store was started in June 2009. Australian showroom in 2010 at Sidney and in Melbourne opened in 2015. In 2017, Dubai and enlarged its suppliers and location.

Chain Relationship

They had a supply chain relationship with Piedmont Lithium for buying a pure lithium ore to buy a specialised spodumene. its main partner is Panasonic the battery cell developer. And also chained with Airbnb and hotels for arranging chargers on the specific locations.


It has produced varieties in the car according to the needs of the people. Its models are roadster, tesla semi, cybertruck, discontinued. They produced affordable cars in high volume, solar roofs, pickup trucks, autonomous vehicle and mid-size vehicles.

Finally to say that they are serving the people in all modes of automobiles to attract the people of the working class to the upper society. This has become the main strategy to reach all sorts of the audience to enhance their level of achievement in business and to provide the customer with an electric vehicle at a lower cost to satisfy the needs of the people. Before investing, you can get more stocks like nasdaq qqq at